Punk, a hint of anarchy and traditional clay plasters

Jewellery designer Hannah Martin, who is deeply inspired by punk rock music and youth culture, personally masterminded the design of her London showroom.

Her unique visions of seemingly opposing concepts – ancient raw earth materials and edgy, contemporary highly designed jewellery – have created a primal and timeless form of space from which unexpected harmony and beauty emerges.

‘We wanted the mood to be really beautiful but not in a hard way,’ she says. ‘The clay-plastered walls are flecked with mica, a soft, reflective material that gives the surface a tactile, gentle sheen’ – Hannah Martin, via Wallpaper, page 132.


Mica is a naturally occurring, rock-forming mineral that, fittingly for a jewellery store, glitters in the light. Micas are found in all major rock varieties and are particularly associated with the granite that is the bedrock of Cornwall.

The effect is dramatic, contemporary, something fresh, exciting and above all unexpected.

‘If an environment must echo the aesthetics of its owner, then Martin has achieved just this, successfully treading the fine line between a brutalist, industrial oeuvre and cosseting luxurious space’.  – ­­­­­Wallpaper.

‘We are living through turbulent times, and sometimes it is hard not to rage. Making things helps. As does music. And music really helps me make things. And however bad things get politically or otherwise, music and art will always be made and always be shared.’ – Hannah Martin

Photographs: Jason Oddy.

Plaster: Clayworks Smooth Finish in WHI-08 with Mica.

Application: Remi Roszyk.