How to Buy



All our clay plasters are made in Cornwall and shipped directly to site, anywhere in the world. Contact us directly with your enquires. In some cases, we will put you in touch with a regional representative.

Clayworks supplies all the materials required – primer, pigmented plaster and glaze. We have specialist plasterers around the world for a quick, professional & successful service and we can advise on the wall and surface build ups in construction projects.


Clay plasters are suitable for interior walls, ceilings and sometimes fixed furniture surfaces. They are ideal for bathrooms, but not wet areas. They can be applied onto most sub-surfaces but not wood or metal.

Please browse our website, our Pinterest Boards and other sources of preferred inspiration to narrow down your Choice of Finish and Colour. Feel free to share with us reference pictures, ideas or mood boards. We will then arrange to send some samples so that you can confirm your choices. There is usually a charge for this. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have and urge you to consult our Design Details and Application Guidelines to ensure that you think ahead for appropriate surface preparation.



Let us know the area in square meters per chosen finish, and we will send a quote along with the contacts of suitable Approved Clayworks Plasterers. Upon accepting the quote and payment of the invoice, we manufacture your material and ship directly with the primer and glaze. Minimum order is for 8 sqm.



Please talk to us about your ideas for textures and finishes that do not yet exist. We are an R&D and creative finish design company, always looking for our next challenge. We specialise in providing unique custom wall and surface finish design services for the interior design of commercial and residential properties. We also offer technical advisory services relating to using our clay plasters in interior design and building projects.