What they say about us

‘Clayworks products are environmentally friendly, functionally fantastic and easy on the eye. They have a great story and lovely people behind it.’
Ian Hunter – Director Materials Council
‘The beauty of Clayworks: the richness of the colours, the tactility of the material and the natural porosity of the clay. It lends itself to interiors where eco credentials are paramount whilst not compromising on the quality of the finish. Indeed the intrinsic qualities of the clay means that there is scope for refined subtlety as well as playful design which, as a designer, makes it a very exciting material to work with.’
Nina Wigfall – Interior designer at Softroom Architects
‘Clayworks are a pleasure to work with. Their unique products offer a sensitivity in texture and colour that look beautiful as a wall covering. I found them extremely helpful and adaptable to work with, they had lots of ideas and they produced different coloured samples and textures for us quickly.’
Betsy Smith – Head of visual displays at Conran
‘Its interesting that when you do building design, there is a particularly narrow focus on environmental design that tends to impact on structure and strategy of the building. To see a natural product like Clayworks clay plasters is really quite refreshing and relevant in the building industry today.’
Andrew Best – Partner at Buro Happold Engineering
‘Clayworks have created a unique and a groundbreaking new range of wall finishes, taken from the natural attributes of Cornwall – and have made an amazing product from it. Designers love it because it is an excellent alternative to boring old gypsum or cement, it has a low carbon footprint, it’s able to absorb and desorb moisture to create a healthy indoor living and working environment. I think this product is beautiful and we will be hearing a lot more from Adam and Katy in the coming years.’
Tim Smit – Founder/Creator of the Eden Project