Clayworks Tadelakt Finishes

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Clayworks Tadelakt Finishes are lime-based and ideal for wet rooms, showers and areas that come into frequent contact with water. Tadelakt has a more polished aesthetic than our clay plasters and can be used to create seamless finishes where clay-based finishes are not appropriate. It can be combined with our custom finishes such as Rammed Earth, Colour Ombre, Textured Ombre and Smooth Finishes and is available in a wide range of colours. We also offer a custom matching service for projects in excess of 50 sqm.

Tadelakt is a specialist finish and should always be applied by a Clayworks Approved Applicator.

Please note: Clayworks Exterior Finishes are lime based and are not covered by the Clayworks Clay Plasters Specifications Data Sheets and Certifications. However, you can find further in-depth information on our Exterior Finishes in our Tadelakt Finishes Data Sheet.

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