Clayworks Exterior Finishes

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Clayworks exterior finishes extend our range of products to their use outside and are available in a wide range of colours and in many of our Standard and Custom finishes. It can also be used to create unique aesthetics such as Textured Ombres and Rammed Earth Effect, Rough with the Smooth, and many more. We also offer a colour matching service for projects covering over 50 sqm. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Clayworks began life as Cob in Cornwall in 2002: a company specialising in building with cob, clay, lime, wood and stone. Our founders, Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce, travelled the world to learn about the traditions of using natural finishes in construction, and while their primary focus was to study clay, a wealth of experience and knowledge about lime was also gathered. The learning about both clay and lime was collated in 2008 and published in a book Clay & Lime & Renders, Plasters & Paints  – A how-to guide to using natural finishes.

Our focus since then has been on clay and ever more ambitious experimentation with it. However, the unique finishes we have created, are now also much in demand for areas where clay is not suitable, namely exterior spaces and interior spaces exposed to water. After considerable and ongoing research and experimentation with lime, we are now able to offer customised water resistant exterior finishes, either to match our clay plasters for seamless finishes or stand-alone application.

All Custom Finishes should be applied by a Clayworks Approved Applicator.

You can find further in-depth information on our Exterior Finishes in our Exterior Finishes Data Sheets.

Please note: Clayworks Exterior Finishes are lime based and are not covered by the Clayworks Clay Plasters Specifications Data Sheets and Certifications.