After years of practical experience, intensive R&D and final testing with the University of Bath, Clayworks launched the UK’s first range of standardised clay finishes in 2012.

Clayworks’ mission statement includes continuous research and innovation in the field and to find ways of bringing the many benefits of unfired clay plaster products into the built environment. Our expressed aim is to improve well-being in living and working spaces and to minimise the impact of wall finishing products on the environment whilst creating spaces that are beautiful and enduring.

Founders of Clayworks, Katy Bryce and Adam Weismann, gain much inspiration from a broad and diverse range of influences – nature’s materials such as mosses, lichens, tree barks and stones; landscapes; pottery, textiles, rugs, weaves; indigenous motifs, crafts and more.


Tests have been carried out with the University of Bath to demonstrate the positive performance of Clayworks Clay Plasters in relation to durability (impact resistance), humidity regulation, thermal conductivity, fire resistance and acoustic values.

Clayworks have also conducted a series of tests reflecting the environmental impact of their products, such as a Life Cycle Analysis study carried out by Dr Andrew Norton through the CAPem project.