Clayworks was born from a love of nature and a belief in natural, sustainable building practices. Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce, our founders, travelled the world to learn about the traditions of clay as a building material, while running a small company in Cornwall specialising in cob, wood, stone, clay and lime. Their vision was to explore the use of architectural materials in architecture, particularly earth, as mediums to foster a balance in building that is healthy for the environment and the user, while beautiful in its design. While looking for integrity and performance foremost, Adam and Katy also saw the capacity of natural materials to affect the way we experience the spaces we inhabit. Research for two books gave them the opportunity to study and learn from master plasterers around the world.

 ‘Building with Cob’ was published in 2006 and ‘Clay and Lime Finishes: Plasters, Renders and Paints’ was published in 2008. This journey led Adam and Katy to develop a particular fascination with the beauty, performance and aesthetic qualities of clay as an interior surface finish. Combining centuries old knowledge in earth architecture with field experimentation, modern science and testing facilities, the focus became creating and delivering easy to use, ready mix clay plaster finishes. This culture of learning, discovery and experimentation continues and is at the heart of the Clayworks philosophy. The vision remains the same: to play a significant role in the reimagination of clay as the interior wall finish of the future.