Now is the time to embrace a more natural way of life: promote and encourage biodiversity, embrace nature, slow down, reduce & eventually eliminate plastics and chemicals wherever possible.

And so we were excited when asked to collaborate with design studio House of Grey Ltd on the interiors for the new opening by Ffern, a perfume house rigorously dedicated to organic, natural ingredients in their products and packaging.

Our collaborators are always confronted with challenges around building with healthier and more sustainable materials in construction as they seek to lighten the load on planetary and human health. Breathable, low carbon, natural clay plasters have been used across the walls and ceiling of this characterful space in Soho, helping to create a space that is imbued with mystery, sensuality, intimacy and the soft aroma of botanicals, working together to create a highly sensorial experience.

Remodelista describes Ffern as ‘a multi-sensory experience that is immersive and cocooning’.

The design puts nature first. The studio specialises in salutogenic design, an approach that originated in the healthcare industry and is focused on creating ‘healing spaces’. The owners of Ffern briefed House of Grey to capture the essence of the wild and natural environments of Exmoor, the Blackdown Hills and, appropriately, Cornwall. Understated, filled with muted colours and the occasional dazzling rock formation or field of flowers.

It is entirely plastic free, composed of earth-friendly materials that celebrate craftsmanship and – as a result – it will leave a lighter footprint on the planet and help to create a healthier interior environment. The clay is in the company of many other natural materials including an entirely compostable mycelium desk, seagrass matting, leather-like seaweed biomaterial, linen and wood.

Louisa Grey, founder of House of Grey explained to Enki Magazine that the breathability of clay is important for this space:

There are multiple touch points throughout the store where we use Clayworks natural clay wall finishes, such as on the walls of the archival scent room. This is because the material is 100% natural, compostable, breathable, non-toxic, does not release VOC’s into the environment, and it passively regulates interior humidity. Clay was the perfect choice for this space with no operable windows to increase air flow; we focused on allowing the rooms to be as breathable as possible within the restrictions of a listed building.

Wallpaper Magazine applauded Ffern as a haven of natural fragrance and sustainable design.

Please see our case study for more pictures.