Worlds Greatest Fashion Stores

Wallpaper Magazine has rounded up the world’s best-designed fashion stores – and no less than three of them are finished with Clayworks Clay Plasters. Reading through the inspirational list, there can be no doubt about the power of materials and their ability to influence successful design and provide wildly different unique experiences.

Self Portrait, Kings Road, one of the designs highlighted by Wallpaper, has been finished in unique and refreshing Mint Green Smooth and Slim Corrugated clays. Designer Andreas Kostopoulos is quoted as saying, By leveraging minimalism, materiality, and colour, we wanted to create a more self-centred experience, filtering out the visually distracting architectural qualities and functions that typically overwhelm retail environments.

66º North, Regent Street, is a dramatic, mystical and exciting interior design with Icelandic-inspired grey rustic textures on ‘sculptures reminiscent of magma (a common appearance in Iceland)’.

Designed by Berlin-based architect Gonzalez Haase, the ‘experiential’ store is clearly at the interzone between innovative design, art, architecture, sculpture and interior design with striking visual drama and stagecraft.

Theory | Uniqlo, also on Regent Street, is in deep contrast, however, finished with serene, welcoming and calming white tones. The junctions are all curved, contributing to the sense of softness.

Sybarite created Theory’s ground-floor space, a sleek, minimal design in camel, beige and caramel, which the brand says captures its essence, one of ‘modernity, balance, and openness. Wallpaper Magazine.

Multi-sensorial consumer experiences can result in real success. 

Designers tell us they are paying increasing attention to sensory stimulation, exploring the irregular, organic, delicate elements of natural materials where possible and with sustainability  a key consideration. These three designs demonstrate everything clay plasters can bring to a space – exciting, impactful, understated yet exquisite, natural, textural, tonal, and tactile. Eloquent and sublime to eccentric, non-conformist and perhaps rebellious. They highlight the designers’ success in providing an emotional connection that shoppers want to feel: an emotional, physical, tactile, visual, and auditory experience.