Plastic Free

100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million sea birds are killed by marine plastic pollution annually. One in three fish caught for human consumption contain plastics which are linked to endocrine disruption and even some cancers. (via Surfers against Sewage).

As we strive to reduce plastics in the ocean, synthetic free building material choices can make a huge difference. According to this report by ASBP, it is estimated that in Europe the construction sector is the second largest user of plastics, consuming around 10m tonnes of plastic in 2015 (around 20% of a total of 49m tonnes). In the UK, 0.9 million tonnes of plastic were used in the construction industry in 2017.

Clayworks are honoured to have been panel members at a recent ASBP event that explored how natural finishes can help to solve the problem of plastics entering the environment. Paola Paruta, Environmental Analyst at Environment Action and lead author of the Plastic Paints in the Environment  report presented shocking statistics showing that plastics in paints appear to be the largest source of microplastic leakage into oceans and waterways. Of that leakage, 48% come from finishes used in the architectural sector.

The majority of natural building products, including Clayworks Clay Plasters, are plastic free.

Materials Matter.