Smooth Finish

One of our most frequently specified finishes much used in residential and commercial applications.

Tonal Finish

Our Tonal Finish, with its depth and tonal variation, has its own unique and striking colour palette.

Demi Rustic Finish

Our Demi Rustic Finish is much loved because of its hearty texture with a richness that goes well with earthen tones.

Rustic Finish

Our Rustic Finish is best described as robust with an earthy character and eminently natural feel.

An excellent alternative to conventional plasters, polished plaster or paint effects, our smooth finish creates warmth and comfort and is suitable for interior walls and ceilings. This Classic Finish is available in all our standard colours or alternatively in bespoke colours of your choosing.

Colours range from the vibrant to pastel hues. We also create custom colours on request by mixing our carefully selected pigments, a skill we have perfected over many years. This finish has found much favour in commercial applications where strongly coloured surfaces are needed.

The texture of our Demi Rustic Finish can be varied by the size of aggregates used and/or the addition of short straw. A sumptuous finish of varying degrees of texture lends great character and depth of colour. Can also be used as a single coat plaster giving enough thickness in one application to provide temperature and humidity regulating benefits.


Rich in aggregates and other inclusions, our Rustic Finish is as gutsy as it is versatile and can be moulded, carved, shaped or sculpted, built up or incised in a myriad of ways. It can be applied to achieve a monumental look or blend into the background. Another firm favourite amongst architects and interior designers.