Bespoke artisanal finishes,
patterned or sculpted.


Bespoke artisanal finishes,
anaglypta or sculpted relief.


Coarse scoured, sponge finish
or trowelled finish.


Japanese hard-trowel finish
or sponge finish.

2 tone overlay or 3 tone overlay. A carved finish of different overlaid colours and textures. The ultimate individual artisan finish much favoured for the interiors of restaurants, retail spaces and hotels. Inspirations for designs range from indigenous pottery, woven rugs, patterned tiles to vernacular motifs.

Anaglyptic patterns and hand shaped relief. A marked three-dimensional finish of unique individuality which can be customised with numerous variations. A favourite choice for statement walls contrasting with other surfaces or materials. A varying range of patterned reliefs can be achieved such as geometric patterns, pressed timber effect, ‘rammed earth’ or ‘corduroy’. The only limit is the imagination.

Coarse texture with varying aggregate sizes and/or decorative long or short straw additives. A sumptuous finish of varying degrees of texture giving great character and depth of colour. Can be used as a single coat plaster giving enough thickness in one coat to bring temperature and humidity regulating benefits, as well as evening out irregularities in the wall substrate.


A smooth finish of varying texture achieved by using different finishing tools and techniques. Particularly suited to those wanting a contemporary, crisp finish. When finished smooth, it can be wiped for easy maintenance.