Clayworks Clay Plasters and Chimneys

Photographs: Janey Butler Design & Llama Architects Cotswold Manor Estate & Barn.

Clay plasters are an ideal finish for interior chimneys. In fact, clay will help radiate the warmth into the room, a concept we explain in our article about clay Earth Ovens . The article is an abridged extract from our book ‘Building with Cob’ / detailing clay plaster techniques.

Clay is flameproof and is a non combustible material and all of our finishes are supported by Euroclass Fire Certificates (A1).

We recommend that our clay plasters are finished with a glaze, which makes the plasters wipeable, but we suggest clay is kept away from soot as its porosity may make it difficult to clean thoroughly. We also recommend that clay is not used in high traffic areas or on exposed corners that will be vulnerable to being knocked.