CITU – Eco Housing

Citu is one of the companies leading the Eco Housing Revolution in the UK.

The timber-framed, Scandi-inspired homes in the award-winning Climate Innovation District of Leeds are airtight and are finished with earthy, natural materials. These are now the hallmarks of natural, healthy homes and increasingly the standard for beautiful, contemporary living spaces. White, Smooth Clayworks Clay Plasters have been used on many walls due to the company’s commitment to low carbon, healthy and beautiful buildings.

In the next 30 years, the global building stock is expected almost to double and every kilo of carbon in every building material, in every new or retrofitted building counts. The UK Government has developed a future homes standard that will mandate all new homes to be zero-carbon ready.  Carbon emissions occur at every stage of the sourcing, extracting, processing, transporting, assembling and disposing of materials. Clayworks Clay Plasters have the lowest amount of embedded carbon due to minimal processing, no additives or waste, and compostability.

Source: John Butler Sustainable Build Consultancy

Clayworks Clay Plasters are 100% pure, natural materials with no toxins, VOCs, formaldehyde, polymers or additives. They remain a raw material when on the walls; that is, they don’t ‘set’ like other finishes. Consequently, pure clay plasters consistently absorb and release moisture in the air maintaining indoor air humidity at between 40 – 60%. This is the optimum level for occupant health because bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and mould spores struggle to survive within this zone. The above are all primary triggers for respiratory health issues.

Citu’s award-winning Climate Innovation District, which sits by the river on the edge of Leeds city centre will be the UK’s biggest sustainable urban development.