Pushing aesthetic boundaries unlike any other wall finish.

Tribal inspiration

The tribal trend is big this year, according to Elle Decoration (Tribal Twist: August 2016).

Long before this aesthetic became so fashionable in Europe, we had been creating the look for designers around the world, using our clay plasters that have been manufactured in Britain.

The application of modern science to the ancient use of clay in buildings has allowed for clay plasters to be ready made, in a full spectrum of naturally pigmented colours and a sophisticated pallet of textures, and shipped to any site anywhere in the world. The science of how our unfired clay plasters ‘set’ means that highly sculptural and sharply defined 3D patterns can be created.

Innovative materials pushing aesthetic boundaries.

The bold, unique and noble patterns that can be created with the sculptural potential of clay plasters are pushing aesthetic boundaries unlike any other wall finish. High quality natural materials, with their durability and through-pigmentation, that blends functionalism with form are solving the problem of how to create texture, pattern, unique design, functionality and sustainability into a single wall covering.