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Great design is about pure materials and this iconic design has provoked a reaction from the world’s leading design and architecture press that proves how sustainable plasters can be tremendously desirable and exciting.

Snohetta creates drama in the London Aesop store with sweeping architectural curves enhanced through light, contrast, strong colours and mixed textures. The clay plaster finish, which resembles the effects of rammed earth, is tonally graduated; adding dimension yet sophisticated simplicity to the space.

Peter Girgis, Senior Interior Architect at Snohetta said of the design:

The atmosphere is pure and honest, embodying the connection between our earth and its resources and how if used correctly can create meaningful and timeless places, no matter the scale.

Some highlights from the news this week include:

The curving fins and walls alike are covered in a layer of rose-pigmented clay-based plaster sourced from Devon and Cornwall by Clayworks.

The colouring and texture of the plasterwork was part of the team’s desire to “relate back to the body” and create a “soft human feeling” for the skincare brand, according to Girgis. 

Architects Journal
The arches are clad in a clay-based plaster with a subtly gradated colour, which is emphasised and made richer by lighting.

Grand and intimate all at the same time, it is redolent of something Ken Adams may have designed (it turns out part of the design inspiration was the opening scenes of the classic James Bond movies).

Designed by Norwegian interior architect and seven-time collaborator Snøhetta, the 100 sqm Sloane Square flagship is a subtle choreography of light, warmth and scent.

Pitched on the corner of Duke Square, surrounded by a catalogue of elegant white-box stores, the rust-red clay walls add texture behind four facade windows, inviting passers-by in from the Chelsea cold.

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Client: Aesop

Designers: Snohetta

Architects: Denton Corker Marshall

Shopfitters: Spacecraft Workshop

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