Kelly Hoppen Accessories Launch

Raw, imperfect, organic and irregular textures of clay plasters contrast beautifully with the sharp, metallic, angular light switch accessories launched by Kelly Hoppen in January 2020.

Hoppen, known for her minimalist style of interior, chose the earthy patinas of Clayworks Classic Smooth Finish plasters to enhance her new ‘jewellery-like’ electrical accessories, designed for the luxury interiors market  – with a particular eye on China.

Hoppen has designed the collection of electrical accessories for British electrical accessories manufacturer Focus SB to add a final luxurious element to premium interiors projects.

This will be the first collection of electrical wiring accessories designed by Kelly Hoppen, who is one of the most sought after interior designers in the world. Focus SB wanted the design ideas for this new collection stripped back to basics as they were focusing on our target markets in the UK, China and internationally, taking the lead from design trend influencer dictating the future of modern interiors.


Designers: Kelly Hoppen, Focus SB.

Photographs: Courtesy of Focus SB.