Exceptional backdrops

Jewellery Designer Sarah Straussberg

Jewellery designer Sarah Straussberg believes great design is about pure materials and she draws her inspiration from natural patterns and textures.

Our values exactly, and so it was fitting that Clayworks Clay Plasters were chosen by stylist Alex Kristal for the walls in this extraordinary photoshoot to support the launch of Sarah’s latest collection.

Alex is the former decorating editor of ELLE Decoration and now a London based interior stylist and creative director with a keen eye for trends and material sophistication.

Clayworks Clay Plasters have been used in many photoshoots, frequently specified for their ability to absorb rather than reflect light, for their intriguing, simple beauty and most of all for their ability to contribute to striking, original photographs of breath-taking beauty.

Photography by Rochowski  and courtesy of Sarah Strausserg.

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