With substance, rich materiality and serious aesthetic opportunities, one material successfully fuses character and feel with performance.

Materials and Textures for 2018

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Spero Design.

Sustainability, Tactility and Experiential Effects will drive material trends for 2018 say WGSN.

Meanwhile, former Elle Decoration editor Michelle Ogundehin, lists New Neutrals, Everyday Superluxe, Humble Materials and Seriously Eco-Sexy amongst the 7 big interiors trends that will ‘bubble up’ in Spring/Summer of this year.

Use finishes with Texture, Patina, Character and Feel and ‘take decorating a step beyond flat paint’ is the call from the current editors of Elle Decoration in an 8 page guide in the April issue, suggesting Clayworks as one of the solutions.

We would add that the world is also going big on wellness in buildings with more thought about non-toxic materials and aesthetics that promote tranquillity and relaxation.

With substance, rich materiality and serious aesthetic opportunities, one material successfully fuses all of the above and with continuing development and research, it now presents an opportunity to change the way we design interiors forever: clay plaster.

We agree wholeheartedly about the New Neutrals, although our own experiences have been more about silky, chalky creamy colours, mixed with greys and a colour variously known as millennial pink/peach/terracotta or blush.

This effect is beautifully demonstrated by Stephanie Spero Design in this stunning hallway, featuring silky, tonal clay plasters.

In retail and hospitality design mediocrity is dead and the ‘experiential effect’, of individuality, drama and creative expression are as important as the food or the consumer goods. Clayworks is renowned for working with designers to create and bring to life experiential spaces with radically innovative and awe inspiring designs.

In residential design, the point is, how does a space feel? Things that feel unique, authentic and natural and healthy, as well as pure and beautiful, are what we want to surround ourselves with right now. Porteous Studio and The Clay House are stunning contemporary examples of Ogundehins’ predictions and absolute proof that good, ‘super-luxe’ residential design should be understated, master pieces of minimalism using only quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

One thing is for sure: we have entered a new age in architecture and design. One where we expect our building to deliver more than shelter. We want interiors that inspire us, while helping the environment and helping to protect our health and buildings that delight our senses while serving the needs of our bodies. The future will be multi-layered, diverse, creative, healthier, more sustainable and not flat white.

And we will continue to challenge the lines between eco, luxury, tradition, health and aesthetic beauty.