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By Hub Box

Hub Box Cheltenham taps into growing appetite for sustainability with its stylish interior design

The Cornwall based founders behind Cheltenham’s newest restaurant opening have shared the secret meaning behind their interior design touches.

And they’ve also revealed their passion for sustainability that shines through in an interior style that celebrates handcrafted, repurposed and eco-friendly elements including Clayworks Clay Plasters in a pale Terracotta colour.

Colourful tea light cups, made from broken plastic toys and shredded beach plastic are dotted throughout the restaurant. The candleholders, made by Cornwall Cast, also come with a vegetable-wax candle and compostable paper cup.

Adding to the variety of upcycled furnishings, reclaimed tiles decorate the restaurant and old scaffolding planks and reclaimed floor boards have been repurposed as wood panelling (with any repurposing waste recycled as briquettes). Plus, the upholstery fabrics, including cushions, are made from recycled plastics.

Moreover, the restaurant dining chairs are supplied by GREENER PATH AWARD winners, UHS, a furniture company dedicated to giving back to the planet. For each chair purchased by Hub Box for the opening of their newest restaurant, they planted a tree via a scheme led by their global charity partner to empower third world countries by moving towards a sustainable forest garden system.

The fixed restaurant seating also boasts eco credentials with 50% covered in Sustainable Textured Chenille. The cutting edge material is made from recycled wool and acrylic yarns that have been reconstituted from the fashion industry, Tencel Lyocell from fast growing eucalyptus trees and recycled polyester yarns from waste plastic bottles.

Sourced from Kirk By Design, every metre of fabric sold to Hub Box gave a donation to support reforestation projects in the Scottish Highlands via charity Trees for Life.

Walls are finished with recyclable and compostable Cornish clay, from Clay Works, which regulate indoor air humidity at an optimal level for wellbeing. Also used by Daylesford Organic Farm Shop in Gloucestershire, the natural product, which is the most sustainable of all surface finishes (other than wood), establishes a level at which virus’, bacteria, dust mites and mould don’t survive – helping create a healthy place for staff and diners alike.

Rather than opting for artificial, plastic plants, gorgeously green indoor plants fill the restaurant, enhancing its eco-friendly aesthetic, adding oxygen to the contemporary space and filtering carbon dioxide from the air.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the interior design, CEO Richard Boon, said:

“Sustainability has always been at the heart of the Hub Box ethos, and it is has been wonderful working with such creative, and inspiring suppliers who share this passion, to help bring the vision for Hub Box Cheltenham to life.”

Richard’s wife Amy, who worked alongside interior designers Simple Simon, added:

“Often it wasn’t just about creating an interior design that was eco-conscious – repurposed materials and objects simply offered something that couldn’t be created from new, giving Hub Box Cheltenham that bit of edge and soul!”

Richard and Amy also added quirky personal touches to the interior design of the new Cheltenham restaurant, with a skateboard and Barbie California reminiscent of their favourite childhood toys, adding personality to the stylish and colourful interior design.

If the inspiring interiors weren’t enough to draw in passing foodie fans, Hub Box boasts a mouth-watering menu of delicious burgers, fries and sides.

Consistent with its eco-friendly ethos, the founders of Hub Box believe food should taste incredible and also be mindful – seasonality and local produce are top priorities. Cheltenham Brewery, DEYA, supply a range of their popular craft beers and ales.

Hub Box, which first started in Truro in 2012 in a bid to create a fun vibrant place for locals and tourists to enjoy, now has 10 sites across the UK.

Design: Simple Simon Design

Plaster: TER – 06 Demi Rustic

Photo & copy: Courtesy of Hub Box