Wabi-Sabi inspired design and materials from Clayworks

Elle Decoration Oct 2018

The monastic ‘Cloud House’ is featured on the front cover of Elle Decoration October 2018 and in a 9 page editorial that beautifully showcases the stunning design and palette of materials created by Takero Shimazaki.

In a quote for the article, owner Anabel Cutler said: ‘We agreed that the principles and materials that would bring this concept to life should follow the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which embraces authenticity, simplicity and natural design…’.

Taking its inspiration from Turner’s ‘Interior of an Italian Church, the London home features natural stone, concrete and clay plaster surfaces which play with the light flooding in from the large arched windows with exciting and yet calming effect. The tactility of the surfaces softens the minimalist, Japanese inspired design.

Doing something new with interiors does not have to be difficult: doing something that redefines what has come before is not easy and Takero Shimazaki has re written the rule book about fusing Japanese, minimalist, ecclesiastical, ancient and contemporary influences.

For more pictures, courtesy of The Modern House, please click here.