Elle Decoration Feature May 2017

Elle Decoration features Clay House

Elle Decoration May 2017 – The Clay House, London

‘This inspirational house by Simon Astridge Architecture Workshop is a vision in clay, concrete and plywood’. Elle Decoration.

Simon Astridge writes passionately about how, working with master plasterer Guy Valentine, they created the stunning, pure clay okra circle within the clay cream wall.

‘We discussed the process of achieving our end goal. I envisaged a 1.8m circle centred on the floor to ceiling height and centred on a lighting fitting in the ceiling, the flex was positioned in the ceiling as a guide for work to commence. We discussed the layering of the clay and drawing a circle in pencil to distinguish the clay colours. The cream colour would merge past the circle edge and then the final layer of okra would be applied by hand carefully on top. In order to get the circle effect, the okra clay was applied on the left side of the circle with the left hand and arm and on the right side of the circle with the right hand and arm. By knowing intimately when to use the left and right sides of his body, Guy knew instinctively how to achieve the exact finish I desired’.

The circle was created using a mixture of Cayworks ‘Moon’ and ‘Cacao’ top coats.

Photograph by Nicholas Worley.

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