Clayworks is shortlisted in the Cornwall Sustainability Awards

Cornwall Sustainability Awards

We are proud to have been shortlisted in the Cornwall Sustainability Awards. Cornwall is a remote peninsula with a stunning natural coastline and beautiful rural interior and we sincerely believe that Cornwall’s future is about nature and the natural environment. Natural Capital – what nature gives us for free – makes up 100% of our Clayworks clay plasters and because no chemicals, adhesives, or toxic substances are added, the plasters are compostable, the concept known as a ‘Circular Economy’.

Clayworks Clay Plasters are manufactured in West Cornwall using a highly intricate and innovative, but natural ‘recipe’ of readily available raw materials. Being through pigmented, they never need painting. The process is inherently simple, but the ‘recipe’ is not and to date Clayworks is the only company in the world to have the range of colours and textures – as well as the proven performance – that makes the product a viable sustainable alternative for not only other plasters, but also other fashionable wall finishes such as polished concrete.

Made from a blend of unfired clay and sands there is little energy consumed in the mixing process. Clay plasters functional properties are principally breathability and known abilities to regulate relative humidity (RH). Next to airtightness and embodied energy, breathability is possibly the most critical consideration in building design.

Unfired clay can absorb and desorb indoor humidity faster than any other building material. Clay plasters regulate relative interior humidity between 40% and 70%, the temperature that research has shown has the lowest likelihood for airborne infectious bacteria and virus to survive and that also prevents building materials from off gassing toxins, such as formaldehyde.

Brand Cornwall is Nature.