Sustainability award for Clayworks

Clayworks wins Cornwall Sustainability Award

Cornwall Sustainability Awards – Best contribution to Cornwall’s brand through Sustainability : Export

When we began our quest to research, develop and create a high performance, ready-made natural clay plaster, it was important to us that it could be made available to anybody, anywhere in the world.

And so, with Cornish clay plasters now on walls in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and Middle East, we are proud to have been recognised for our contribution to Cornwall’s brand through sustainability and export.

We were also intrigued to learn that the branding for the awards uses an adaptation of the ‘worlds most sustainable font’, Ryman Eco, which uses 33% less ink than in standard fonts.

Leap Media, who created the branding said: “We created the awards branding a couple of years ago adapting the then recently launched Ryman Eco font of which Leap’s work was heralded as the first commercial use of what is touted as the worlds most eco font by Grey, London. It was a perfect story of using less for more whilst adhering to beauty in application as well and we are stoked to be involved with both the fonts evolving global journey and Cornwalls’ own inspiring business awards championing sustainability always.”