Bespoke clay plaster walls

Clayworks x Aesop x Snohetta

Our efforts to represent a new way of thinking about sustainable building products have been tremendously enhanced by the opening of this extraordinary new retail store by Aesop Skincare.

Designed by the internationally renowned practice Snohetta, it is guaranteed to bowl over its design-meets-beauty devotees. (Vogue Nov 2017)

Clayworks’ core philosophy is to deliver plasters of the finest quality, that speak honestly and indisputably about the beauty and functionality of sustainable, raw materials that are pure, natural and healthy. Along with a commitment to aesthetics, expert craftsmanship and a sense of responsibility to the environment, we hope to contribute to the concept of ‘sustainability’, always fluid, as it becomes synonymous with wellness and luxury.

A sincere interest in intelligent and sustainable design extends to every aspect of Aesop’s workings. We tread lightly with respect for the past, present and future. Aesop

The design team at Snohetta specified rich, earthy colours and textures that have been described variously as ‘rust-red’, ‘pink’ and ‘blush’: tones that change depending upon the light and the location. Naturally absorbing glare, acoustics and moisture the clay covered walls and ceilings create a very calm and sensuous atmosphere that perfectly complement the sublime Aesop products.

A breathable, atmosphere-enhancing texture that will help to ventilate the lightly-scented space. Wallpaper

For more pictures please see our gallery feature.

Cover photo by kind permission of Aesop Skincare.

Architecture by Denton Corker Marshall.