Arakabe finishes at Ippudo London

Modern, natural clay plaster Arakabe finishes take the Japanese inspired trend to a whole new level

Japanese style revolves around a love and respect for nature and natural beauty – as does our passion for natural clay plasters. Like our plasters, it is contemporary and yet traditional.

Arakabe means, literally, clay plaster and has been one of the essential building materials in Japan since the 17th century and the Arakabe plaster can now be created effectively and practically with our plasters.

The Japanese style is uniquely luxurious, yet calm and low key, designed to promote emotional well-being and tranquility. The simple contemporary aesthete of the raw and earthy unfired clay plasters is being elevated to new levels of sophistication by more and more designers and architects seeking to meet increasing expectations of high design and emotional experience.

The Clay Plasters used in Ippudo are the textured Japanese Black Lacquer Rustic Finish without straw.

The interior of this Ippudo restaurant was designed by Stiff and Trevillion and the plastering was completed by Guy Valentine.

For a beautiful short video on the ancient art of Arakabe Japanese Plastering click here.


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