Specifications overview

Clayworks clay plasters are not only beautiful, they are also high performance materials suitable for a wide range of applications that enhance well-being in your home, retail, restaurant, and work spaces. Clay plasters help regulate relative humidity in an interior space and their hygroscopic nature means they can absorb and desorb moisture from the atmosphere, which keeps levels of relative humidity at the optimum for human comfort within a range of 30-70%. This also means that there is less chance for mould development and can decrease the transmission of airborne bacteria and viruses which is beneficial to asthma sufferers and to human health in general.

Clay plasters also help the underlying fabric of buildings to stay dry and healthy. Clayworks clay plasters are produced by traditional methods using natural sands and clays. They contain no chemical ingredients, are non-toxic and release no VOC’s, and are therefore beneficial to people with chemical sensitivities and to everyone in terms of creating safe and healthy living, eating and working environments. Clayworks clay plasters carry a significantly lower embodied energy than conventional and lime based plasters and paints. Our clay plasters are 100% biodegradable and will release no toxic waste into the environment on disposal.