Grand Designs | May 2018

The May issue of Grand Designs magazine says that healthy building is the new concept in home construction and renovation and definitely an area of rapid growth and innovation – and that far from sacrificing style, the concepts of sustainable and healthy buildings are indeed the new Grand Designs.

The publication thoroughly explores the latest building methods, materials and design solutions that aim to safeguard occupant health, with endless inspirational new builds and retrofits that demonstrate that beauty, passive house, eco building, sustainable products  and healthy living are the interior design craze.

Take particular care with the fabric of your home and it will look after you advises Kevin McCloud. The ultimate green building makes use of what is readily available and relies on as many non-synthetic products as possible because as homes have become more airtight, air quality is a greater concern.

Clayworks clay plasters, which were used on all of the walls of the stunning retrofit at Porteous Studio, are used to demonstrate to the readers that it is not only possible to enjoy luxury in a sustainable and healthy way, but that healthy homes are easily achievable for all budgets when attention is paid to using simple, natural materials.

Wellness built in

The May issue is packed with design inspiration for healthy and sustainable homes that prove that there is no need to sacrifice style for an eco-friendly build. It demonstrates how the sustainable building movement, which is growing quickly, has expanded from bolting on energy saving devices and airtight windows into a more holistic fabric first approach that incorporates all of the materials that effect the health of the people inside.

Buildings should be constructed from healthy, natural materials that help to promote excellent indoor air quality and that have a positive physical and psychological effect on people. All of the materials and methods are already here: they always have been and it is encouraging to see a resurgence in low-tech construction and a growing recognition that wellness is now synonymous with sustainability, design and beauty in construction.

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Enjoy luxury in a sustainable and healthy way with clay plaster walls.