Our philosophy
Natural is beautiful & makes sense

Our business has developed from a deep-rooted passion for combining natural materials with innovative and eye-catching design. Recognising that a successful fusion of function and form was in fact possible has lead us to continue our quest for developing healthy, beautiful and high performance interiors.

Using what nature has to offer in practical and appealing ways is at the heart of what we do. We draw inspiration from the ever changing natural environment and incorporate our experiences into our natural clay plasters and systems. With hands on experience in the construction industry, we apply this know how and use it to develop new techniques for building in a sustainable way.

Combining traditional building methods and natural, renewable and recyclable materials, we continue to fine tune processes and techniques for use within contemporary interiors.

As such, our projects combine beauty with purpose. Not only do our clay plasters look good, they also perform vital and beneficial function including:

•  a timeless appeal and enduring beauty
•  hard wearing and durable finishes
•  provide high performance and support versatile finishes
•  provide flexible and adaptable interiors
•  and create environments that enhance well-being